One of your home’s most crucial rooms is the living room. You can host visitors there, unwind after a hard day’s work, and spend time with your family. Consequently, it’s crucial that your living room feels and looks its best. Installing the proper tile is one approach to achieve this. It can be challenging to select the ideal tile design because there are so many available. However, don’t worry; we are here to assist. We’ll talk about some of the best tile designs for your living room’s visual appeal in this blog post. There is something for everyone, whether classic or modern. Continue reading to complete your search on Aspac Ceramics is the best tile exporter and locate the ideal design for your house.

Designing your living room using tiles

There are countless possibilities when it comes to tile patterns. You might choose a conventional appearance or something more contemporary. One of the easiest ways to remodel living rooms is to use  wall tiles because of their vast price range. Tiles can be incorporated into your living room design in a variety of ways. It can be used as flooring or an accent Porcelain tiles manufacturer. There are numerous methods to employ tiles to improve the beauty of your living area. Check out some of our favourite tile patterns below if you don’t know where to start. You may get an idea of what’s possible when you start incorporating tiles into your living room décor by looking at these samples.

Top tile designs to choose from

When it comes to boosting the beauty of your living room, there are many tile design options to consider. The best tile designs to take into account are listed below:

Geometric patterns:

Walls and floors in living rooms frequently have geometric patterns. These tiles can give the room personality and visual flair without breaking the bank. Popular accent wall designs often use geometric patterns, either behind a TV setup or as wall art.

Neutral hues:

Neutral colour tiles are a terrific way to make your living room feel cosy and welcoming. Ceramic tiles on the walls or floor in shades of grey, brown, or white can give your living space a sophisticated appearance. For living rooms with high ceilings, marble tile patterns are a terrific way to create visual interest. Any living space will look upscale and luxurious if it has white marble tiles on the walls and floors and white lights.

Solid hues:

For living room floors, solid hues are a traditional option. Depending on your preference, they can produce a powerful and dramatic effect or a clean and simple aesthetic. They are some of the most understated and successful wall tile décor ideas for living rooms.

Stone tile walls:

To make your living room a focal point, create a beautiful accent wall with a textured surface. An excellent approach to add vintage character to your living space is using stone tile walls. Discover the extensive selection of stone tiles at Aspac Ceramics to give your home an earthy, natural feel.

Choose the ideal tile pattern for your living room.

When choosing the ideal tile design for your living room, there are several things to take into account. It is important to consider the room’s dimensions, amount of natural light, furniture and other fittings, and design elements as a whole. There are countless options available when selecting a tile design. Not every design will, however, look good in every living space. It’s crucial to choose a design that harmonises with the other components of the space and gives it a finished appearance.

The following advice will help you choose the ideal tile pattern for your living room:

  1. Take the room’s size into account:
  2. If your living room is small, stick to smaller tiles or use them sparingly because large tiles can make a small area feel even smaller. On the other hand, if your living room is big, you can be daring and use big tiles or even patterns.

  1. Take into account the amount of natural light:
  2. Avoid dark colours or patterns that will make the room feel even darker if your living room doesn’t receive much natural light. Instead, choose lighter hues or more vibrant patterns to reflect light and create a feeling of space and airiness.

  1. Take into account the accessories and furniture:
  2. The tile patterns you select should blend nicely with the room’s existing furnishings and décor. Lighter colours are preferable if you have traditional furniture, however warm colours work better to provide a contemporary design.


Your unique style should be reflected in a well-planned living space. You may construct a place that is both fashionable and practical by choosing the proper tile pattern. Make your living room a place you love returning home to by using these guidelines to select the ideal tile design. Explore Aspac Ceramics’ extensive selection of high-quality, long-lasting tiles. We provide a distinctive selection of modern wall and floor tiles for your home. Get in touch with us today.