Why Choose Our Porcelain Tile Slabs
Providing The Superior Features

Our porcelain tile slabs are created with excellent strength and can withstand and resist breaking or cracking, making them a long-lasting flooring solution.

Bacterial Resistant
Our tiles are inherently resistant to bacteria, making them ideal for hygienic environments like kitchens and bathrooms, where cleanliness is crucial.

Our porcelain tile slab designs endure the test of time, resisting wear, stains, and fading, ensuring they retain their untouched appearance for years.

Fire Resistant
With outstanding fire-resistant properties, our porcelain tiles deliver an added layer of safety to your space, giving you peace of mind and compliance with safety measures.

Captivating Aesthetics
Beauty meets functionality with our elegant design slabs. We offer diverse designs, colors, and textures, allowing you to achieve the look and ambiance you desire for your space.

Indoor & Outdoor Porcelain Floor Slabs
Ceramic Tile Slabs and Porcelain Slabs come in different sizes, colors, and designs and can come as large as 1200X1200 mm, 1200X2400 mm, or 800X1600 mm. Also, even if you want customized Ceramic Tile Slabs, we can design them as you wish. Whether small or large, we can provide you with every type of Porcelain Slabs Outdoor and Indoors. These slabs can be used on the kitchen countertop, floors, and walls in the bathroom, backsplashes, flooring, bars, stairs, and even walls.

The flexibility of porcelain tiles can expand even further to different commercial and residential areas, such as walls, fireplaces, floors, feature walls, exterior cladding, patios, and more. You can place them wherever you want to add them and give a unique appearance to that area. Large Porcelain Slabs provide a clean and glossy appearance to the bathrooms, kitchen, walls, interior and exterior floors.
Have Any Queries? Contact us for small & large porcelain tile slabs. We can bring you the most luxurious, durable, irresistible, and affordable collections of tiles.

Crafted With Elegance
Choosing flooring material is essential when it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home space. It provides dignity and brings beauty to your floor. At ASPAC, we understand the significance of placing the right flooring for your home, and we’re here to tell you why our porcelain tile slabs should be your top choice. Our Porcelain Floor Slabs come in different design & colors that fits your space perfectly.